# F.LF <img style='float:right; margin-left:20px;' src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-k-My1B-YlaU/T8JUBAYpu9I/AAAAAAAAACI/OnCvkzFF5jw/s1600/logo_l1_s.png" height="80"/> ### the open source LF2 F.LF attempts a clean room implementation of the famous fighter game [LF2](http://lf2.net). The F stands for the effort of [Project F](http://www.ProjectF.hk). Check out the [latest demo](game/game.html). <div style='clear:both'></div> <iframe id='demo' src='' style='display:none; border:none; width:850px; height:650px;'></iframe> ## Summary - motivation - LF2 is the most amazing fighter game ___ever___ - had a global community of sprite and data changers - &#9785; but LF2 is close sourced and sometimes limiting - with F.LF we can - &#9998; have complete freedom to modify - &#9993; no source code copyright issues - &#9992; play on a mobile phone - &#9819; continue the legend - because F.LF is - open source - HTML5: works everywhere with a browser - thriving for 99% compatibility with LF2 - we are calling for [contributors](docs/contribute.html), if you are a: - programmer - great! you can help the development - data and sprite changer - great! you can create mod like what you did for LF2 - you can help testing and fixing bugs - game designer and developer - awesome! we are close to production ready so keep [in touch](mailto:f.projector@gmail.com) - read more - [about the project](docs/project.html) - [documentation set](docs/index.html) - source code: repositories on [github.com/Project-F](https://github.com/Project-F)